2021 Scholarships and Awards of Merit

If you are graduating from high school in 2021, you may qualify for scholarships from Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association (RJMHA), the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association (PCAHA), and/or BC Hockey. These scholarships can add up to hundreds of dollars, so please read carefully and apply before the deadlines.

Completed applications, with all supporting documents, should be mailed in or dropped off as soon as possible. Late applications will not be accepted. Reference letters for the PCAHA and BC Hockey scholarships will take some time to prepare, so please allow for sufficient time.

Learn about scholarships:

Richmond Jets Scholarships

We would like to see every eligible player receive a scholarship or award, so make sure you apply!

Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association Scholarship Policy (PDF)

The 2021 Scholarship Application Form

Download the 2021 Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Deadlines

  • RJMHA: April 10, 2021
  • PCAHA: March 1, 2021
  • BC Hockey: March 31, 2021

Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association

As one of the largest minor hockey associations in British Columbia, the Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association offers an integrated (boys and girls) minor hockey program from Initiation to Juvenile. Featuring both recreational ("C") and competitive ("A") streams, our programs operate out of the three different facilities in the City of Richmond: Richmond Ice Centre (RIC), Minoru Arenas (Stadium and Silver Rinks), Richmond Oval (North and South rinks).

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